Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Listening Period

'It has been four months since my last post Father...'

In that time I have:

- Visited Ohio.
- Had a visitor from Ohio (Hi Mom!)
- Made the best car vs. money decision of my life.
- Worked on selling some of our many vehicles, with limited success.
- Completed half of my retraining to the weather career field. By the time I leave the weather school I will have spent 1/3 of my Air Force career to date in training status. Not what I had in mind when I signed up primarily for 'educational benefits,' but I'll take it.
- Discovered that being in class instead of work does horrible things to my internet-reading and blog-writing time.
- Spent more time thinking about building bicycles and houses than about farming.
- Re-built one bicycle and juggled several others.
- Sketched out designs for several houses.
- Fit a good deal of pieces together regarding my plans for the future

Most of these deserve a post of their own at the least rather than trying to squeeze it all into one epic opus as I had been trying to do. So for now this is just a sign-post, a marker to show that Job Run is not, after all, a dead letter.

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  1. i wish someone wanted to train me as a meteorologist. :)