Monday, July 13, 2009

"Need input..." Johnny 5

I have a voracious appetite for new ideas and information. One of the downsides of leaving my job as a programmer is no longer sitting at a computer all day with the opportunity to query Google or Wikipedia on any subject that happened to be on my mind during even the briefest of downtime from work. As the short history of this blog can attest, my creative output has suffered in direct proportion to the lack of fodder (and keyboard time: I'll scribble sketches and half-formed ideas all day with a pen and paper, but I'm far more likely to string together more than a sentence or two if I can type.)
As I try to prioritize my online reading in order to make the most of my limited time I have at home I am finally making use of RSS and the like. Google Reader is a convenient central collection point and it helps me deal with the fact that there will always be far more interesting material out there than I can take in by presenting me with an up-to-date selection from a variety of sources. Of course I'm limited to those sources which are syndicated and that mainly means blogs. While many other media sites offer syndicated content, in my experience subscribing to those feeds has a tendency to weaken the signal to noise ratio considerably.
Which brings me to a question: what blogs (or other feeds) would you recommend? Currently my list is composed mainly of personal finance, bicycling, farm and garden, food, architecture and urban development, and sustainability blogs. I would be particularly interested in adding some literate commentary (why isn't Net Future syndicated?) photography, woodworking, music and Korean or Spanish language blogs, but I'm happy to check out anything you'd like to pass along.